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Creole Garlic

Creole Garlic Group
Mid Season | Long Storing | 5-10 cloves

The Flamboyant: this small one is hot, dresses in vibrant rosy clove skins, and is a real crowd-pleaser

Creole is a very popular mid-season semi-hardneck garlic. It grows best in warmer climates with mild winters. This garlic group produces several cloves per bulb with strongly coloured rose to crimson clove skins. It grows best in a mild winter climate.

The Creole is a semi-bolting hardneck type meaning it generally sends up a flower scape with a relatively solid stem which is not braidable. This garlic might not produce scapes when grown in warmer climates if not vernalised. The garlic has a very hot, complex and spicy garlic taste which is considered to be a sweet, rich and exceptional flavour.


Clove & Bulb Appearance
The bulb is normally round
and generally has a white to cream bulb wrapper (skin) containing between 5-10 cloves. The bulbs are typically smaller than most garlic varieties and have a single layer of cloves.

Generally all cloves of a standard-sized bulb are of a size suitable for planting. The clove skin (not to be confused with the bulb skin) has a distinctive bright rose, burgundy to crimson colour.

The cloves are typically wedge shaped with a sharp inner edge and will store for 12+ months in ideal conditions - one of the longest of any garlic type.

his hardneck garlic generally sends out a scape (flower stalk) particularly in colder climates. They typically produce 30-40 medium purple bulbils.

Creole Garlic

Leaves & Scapes
Creoles have a really wide leaf which is very short and tend to fold over halfway up. The leaf colour is pale green to yellow. Scapes tend to form a downward 'U' shape, with a slim yellow-green umbel.

Creole Garlic
Creole Garlic
Creole Garlic
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