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At Gourmet Garlic we celebrate the diversity of the different garlic groups. Each of the ten global garlic groups is unique - much like the varieties of other fruit and vegetables.


The garlic's variety in preferred climates, the time to harvest and storage periods appeal to us. Some are easier to peel, and all have different flavour profiles and different nutritional properties. We love offering the full gourmet suite of garlic groups for our customers to try.


Our garlic is home-grown, and as such we treat it like part of the family. Corny but true! We hand rear them, watching over each one in the colder months, giving them support and a feed at the right time to nurture them into full-sized mature bulbs.


It's not easy to grow all global garlic groups in one location. Some garlic group bulbs prefer mild winters others like cool or cold winters. We try our best to grow the best garlic despite the various needs of each type of garlic.

Commercially it would be more economic to grow softneck garlic in a warmer climate. This is because areas with milder winters get more cloves per bulb and softnecks produce 10+ plantible cloves per bulb. We stock the full range, where some garlics like porcelain produce on average four cloves per bulb so we have to keep 25% of our stock for replanting. So there are some extra cost of planting in a colder environment with less economic garlic types.

It's gourmet because we:

  1. Offer all global garlic groups

  2. Only plant exceptional stock (large, firm & healthy)

  3. Provide generous spacing for healthy stock

  4. Grow bulbs naturally using organic principals (no artificial inputs)

  5. Harvest by hand to minimise damage and to quality check each bulb

  6. Cure plants whole (not cut) allowing the leaf energise bulbs 

  7. Grade manually not by machine for more quality control

  8. Package using compostable boxes or bags including padding

  9. Track postage of all products safely to your home garden

  10. Only the best bulbs leave our home to start a new life with you

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